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Renting a house near the beach is the dream. A great view, no noise, no neighbors for miles and no way out. After all who would want to leave their comfy beach house? Right?


  • Arrows or WASD to move
  • Space to interact

With the spooky season upon us,  Smarto Club decided to take a break from being wholesome and turned spookyo with Rental, an eerie game about the risks of renting beach houses.

Spookyo Club

Music by:

  • Cristian Vásquez

All sounds obtained from Freesound and edited to be used in game.

  • Lluvia.wav by SergioFlorez
  • Engine running by exhaust BW 118i.wav VincePest11
  • Door Open and close by rivernile7
  • Caminar f edit.wav by Eliz11
  • Salt.wav by Ingeverschastse
  •  STEP_ON_WOOD.mp3 by Jvitorml
  • Flock of seagulls.wav by juskiddink
  • Whispers.mp3 by ThePig01
  • Ohm of creation.wav Badoink
  • Tibetan bells wind chime ring meditation ohm.wav by rsellick
  • Track 03.wav by Gr0paru
  • Cabinet Open.wav by cMilan
  • 8 year old child screams in apartment sound effect.wav by Garuda1982
  • Small-realpoot117.wav by Jixolros
  • Accidental noise, ZoomH6.wav by InspectorJ
  • Banging on door banging-on-door.wav by danielthebanana4
  • Pop.wav by Anthony Rox
  • Tap water 2 by Owlstor
  • "Piano Bb.wav" by pinkyfinger
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
AuthorSmarto Club
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky




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1. Walk in

2. "F*ck it we ball!"

3. Walk out

(Gameplay at 8:17)

Really good game ! I had a good laugh ! Thank you so much for making it :)

I enjoyed the game, though I was confused by the thing I saw

This game is good

You need to fix closed wardrobe coz if you try seek something in it again you will always get the same cross (although they do not stack so you cant get 6 from only this closet)

I loved this game, and love the art style. It had some great ambiance and great atmosphere. Though the constant closing doors I think almost drove me crazy. Despite that, it's a well crafted short game, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. That ending line was great. Great Aesthetic, and the lo-fi pixels was a nice call back to the retro demos of old. Overall great game and really well done for a jam game.   

I found this game extremely charming - loved your dialogue writing style and the intentionally pixelated lo-fi art style! Very good ambiance for such a short game too~

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Cool game, was fun I wish there were more scares though.

Gameplay não comentado!

me encantó este juego <3333

Pretty cute game, I enjoyed it!


hey there!! I made a video on your game and I loved it!! the aesthetic is amazing and although I am just starting to post horror related content I can say I loved it!!


Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words! We are really happy you loved it!

I liked this cute horror game! I was expecting jump scares but im glad there was none

thank you for playing!

This was a cute little game; a cool concept and I enjoyed it! Maybe needed a bit more horror but nonetheless, it was very good. Here is my gameplay.

Thank you for playing! And the nice comments!

You're welcome, I enjoyed the game very much!

Cool little lofi horror experience

. Wondering what that monster was all about...

hehehe... that will remain a mystery. Thank you for playing we are glad you like it!

I did a quick short of my playthrough, game was so adorable and creepy!

Thank you for playing!

Really cool! I love the art stylle and everything is so well made! I would love see more of games in this stylle or a bigger expecience with this game!


Thank you! Maybe in the future we'll do something like this again so stay connected!

Was fun, creepy and reminds me of Sylvanian families meets Silent Hill. Camera got a bit confusing at times but was fine once I got used to it :) I'm glad there were no unnecessary jump scares, the anticipation is enough to keep people unsettled. Great little game.

Thank you! We are glad you enjoy it and thank you for trying it out!

looks good so far first 5 minutes in, but it could be better, there's no immersion here some random guy just throws all the info at you, like we know what's going on, there was a random shadow at the start (?, also the change of camera is kinda annoying, "bigger games" do a little trick where they keep the direction you're walking to between camera changes no matter what button is being held so you keep track of what room you're in, guess you could do that, i gotta play the rest though

I really loved the art style, nice spooky atmosphere, the "mirror" part was kinda disorienting, but all in all fantastic game! It could have been a bit longer but there is potential to expand on this!


We are happy you liked it! Thank you so much for playing! We really appreciate it 


Funky little horror game you've made here. Enjoyed the obvious comparisons and the generally creepy vibes you put into it! I kinda wish it had more spooky bits unless I missed them like the ghosty spector in the hall, of course too much would've been bad tho. All in all fun game :D Here's my playthrough with a few other games - 

Thanks for playing Rental! We are glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback!


Cute concept, perfect visuals for the style it's looking to emulate, very nice ambient music too

My only complaint is that for a short little experience, the amount of things you're required to find seemed excessive. I had to look at other people's videos to find everything. I think just 3 items would have been enough, especially when there's no counter on the screen telling you how much you already found

streamed it here (2:10:44): 

Thanks for playing Rental and we appreciate the feedback!


Thank you! I had fun playing this game!

Thank you for playing! We are glad you enjoyed!


good game (4th game) just not my type of game. :)

Thanks for trying it out!


I thought this was very well done. I think you pulled off the eerie setting. It built up anticipation. Especially as I progressed further and further. I think having the cute characters in a spooky setting also helped create that unsettling feeling. Great Job!

Thanks for the feedback!


Are you planing to release a Post-Jam version?

We're hoping to soon, although it'll only be bug fixes.


Going into this, I thought it was gonna be your average short horror game, but oh how wrong I was. I did not expect this game to have so much charm and funny writing. And the ending is amazing.

I loved every second of it! Amazing work!

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We are so glad! Happy you enjoyed the game °▽° and thank you so much for playing!


this is the best game

thank you so much!


Cute and spoopy! The Animal Crossing CreepyPasta and Silent Hill vibes are strong with this one. I hope you make more. :)

Thank you so much for playing and the video!


Loved it! Felt like playing a silent hill game but with bunnies. Would definitely play a longer version of this one.

Great to know, we might make something similar in the future


I thought this was a very spooky game! Thank you so much for sharing it!

I played this for my YouTube, if you're interested in check it out then click this link!


Thanks for the video! Love the thumbnail


Muy bueno =)

Gracias <3


Cute game & I like the story. enjoy my gameplay... :)

Thank you for sharing your video!


Looks fun. Love the 32 bit look and feel 👍



Walked in because it reminded me of Animal Crossing. 

Enjoyed the stay with the silly things, scavenger hunting and doing rituals. 

Had fun playing this adorable horror game

Good job Smarto-Club!

Thank you!

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The video game is according to the tastes of Mine.
Thank thou! I need more of it!

Edit: Correcting a writting misstake.

Hey! I have an issue where i get a black bar on the right side of the screen. not sure how to fix.

Thanks for sharing this bug, we'll try to fix it in the post-jam version.


Hi, it is a very good game,really enjoyed it, but could you make a button to quit the game pls??






help i got stuck and i couldn't exit the game so i had to turn off my pc

Really sorry about that, on Windows Alt+F4 lets you close any application.

oh okay


I really enjoyed this one. The camera angles were smooth and you don't have a hard time figuring it out, also the story had a really cool twist in the end. Good job.

Watch video here:


Thank thou for the gameplay.

Thanks for the feedback :)

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